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An incredible opportunity is waiting for you. Technology is changing the world by connecting billions of devices and improving how we live, work, play and treat our planet. No industry is immune. Are you ready to change your life, and possibly make the world a better place?

" Cert Nexus" Emerging Tech Certifications

Digitally transform your abilities with knowledge and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Data Ethics, Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why You Need a CertNexus Certification

Employers are looking for skilled specialists who can move their organizations forward. Certification can lead to
  • Better job offers
  • Promotions
  • Higher earning potential
  • Additional professional opportunities

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The Pathways learning experience

The Pathways learning experience is  flexible education program like no other. It was created to help you strengthen your communication and leadership skills as you grow toward personal and professional success, toward a successful career — all while having fun with others in the process!


Cybersecurity Pathway

Uncover the most common threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.

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Digital Media

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

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IT Support

IT Support monitors and maintains the company computer systems, installs, and configures hardware and software, and solves technical issues as they arise.

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DevOps is used as a set of practices and tools, DevOps integrates and automates the work of software development (Dev) and IT operations

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IT Administrator

Server administration is a critical position that has strict guidelines for job consideration. Personnel must have a high level of integrity and good computing skills.

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Project Manager

A project manager is a professional charged with overseeing the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities.

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Software Development

Software developers are the creative, brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts.

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Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

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The appraisal of your skills is the first step in deciding on a career. You must understand what you excel at and what you enjoy doing.

It’s pointless to work a job that you’re not interested in.

At Advance Tech Academy, we prepare you help you find the best opurtunity in technology.

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